Liedes-Ultan-Huovinen: IceBreath

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This recording documents Finnish folk singer Anna-Kaisa Liedes’ 2010 encounter with another strong lady, the New-York-based jazz and avant-garde violinist Wendy Ultan. The music included here was recorded in studio while the two ladies, complemented by multi-instrumentalist Erkki Huovinen, were preparing for their first concerts in the US in the fall of 2010. The music presents a direct emotional expressiveness and a breadth of moods from the delicate and fragile to the raw and furious, revealing a sense of enthusiasm for the immediate connection bridged between the improvisers’ different musical languages.

Liedes–Ultan–Huovinen: IceBreath                           HBPCD-003

1. Noh!                                                  5:07
2. Prrtah                                              10:40
3. Songbird City                                     4:28
4. rrRabBit                                             5:33
5. Ms. Davis                                           2:57
6. Ice As It Is                                          8:31
7. The Black Churches                           2:44
8. Jäälautta                                            4:47
9. My Seventh Seal                                4:58

Total playing time 49:45

Improvisations by

Anna-Kaisa Liedes: vocals, kantele

Wendy Ultan: violin, viola, electronics

Erkki Huovinen: guitar, chromatic harmonica, alto clarinet, organ pedal

Recorded at the University of Minnesota Electronic Music Studio, Nov. 1–3, 2010.

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