Olli Linjama: Organ Improvisation

Olli Linjama Organ Improvisation

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The improvisations heard on this CD were recorded in sessions organized by Ville Kiiski and Atte Tenkanen at the St. Martin’s church in Turku, Finland, with its timbrally inspiring (and wonderfully noisy) Kangasala organ from the year 1936. Various starting points for improvisation were explored during these sessions. For example, The Chronicler is based on thoughts written by Kiiski in real time as “notation” for the performer, and the Three Mirages are based on a sketchy drawing by Tenkanen. On some of the pieces, Tenkanen joins the organist’s improvisation, operating the ThumbJam synthesizer on an iPad2 tablet computer. The improvisations have been named afterwards for purposes of identification, but Linjama emphasizes that he would not like the listener’s thoughts to be dictated by the titles.

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