Blow-Fi: Iloinen Evoluutio

Blow-Fi: Iloinen evoluutio ("The Gay Evolution")

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This is the first audio outing by Blow-Fi, presenting what has always been the core of Kiiski and Huovinen’s work: speech/music improvisation seemingly inhibited by learned distinctions between “high” and “low” culture. The selections on the album range from the perversely extroverted in-your-face hubris of the opening track (“Joy”) to the title track’s hauntingly minimalistic quest into the possibilities of survival for the human race (“Joyful Evolution”, or perhaps with a Nietzschean hint, “The Gay Evolution”).

The improvisations were recorded with a host of North-American guest musicians, including the Twin Cities’ improvisation legend Milo Fine on his self-designed percussion set m-drums II, and displaying his instantly recognizable clarinet style. Likewise notable are the surprising free improvisations with the harmonica virtuoso Clint Hoover, better known for his jazz and blues work, who also here makes his first-ever recorded appearances on the theremin. On two tracks, the characteristically intimate and energetic Blow-Fi style is given an almost lyrical twist by the presence of an improvising vocal quartet.

HBPCD-001 — Blow-Fi: Iloinen Evoluutio (“The Gay Evolution”)


1 Ilo 2:54
2 Samaa unta 3:10
3–5 Tiedon virta
1. Tuoksu 3:51
2. Jää 3:05
3. Valo 3:39
6 Odotusten keskellä 5:46
7 Tietoisuudesta luopuminen 3:36
8 Rivo 3:43
9 Ei ole helppoa 4:30
10 Juhlapyhien läheisyys 3:26
11 Rippeetkin 4:56
12 Iloinen evoluutio 8:58

Total playing time 51:34

Improvisations by

Ville Kiiski: voice
Erkki Huovinen: guitars, chromatic harmonica, alto clarinet, contra-alto clarinet, organ, organ pedal

Milo Fine: clarinet and electronics (2), m-drums II (electronics) and orchestra chimes (12)
Clint Hoover: theremin (3–5, 9), harmonicas (6, 9)
Shelby Joy Adams, Michelle Nannas, Matthew Olson ja Patrick Terry: voice (6, 9)
Mike Duffy: live electronics (6, 9)
Blake Nellis ja Taja Will: clappings, sounds of dance (6, 9)
Josh Holritz: violin (11)
Scotty Horey: marimba, vibraphone, percussion (11)

Recorded in Minneapolis 2010–2011:
Tracks 2, 12 in Milo’s basement, Nov. 14, 2010;
Tracks 3–5 in Clint’s boiler room, Nov. 15, 2010;
Tracks 1, 7, 8, 10 in Erkki’s bedroom, Nov. 18, 2010;
Track 11 at the University of Minnesota, Ferguson Hall, Nov. 20, 2010;
Tracks 6, 9 at the CLA TV Studios, May 18, 2011.

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