Liedes – Ultan – Huovinen

Ultan, Liedes, and Huovinen at the Acadia Café, Minneapolis, November 2010

Anna-Kaisa on electric kantele, with sound engineer Schuyler Tsuda

Folk singer and sound artist Anna-Kaisa Liedes has been an integral part of the development of the Nordic experimental folk music scene for over twenty years. Besides Finno-Ugrian song tradition and kantele playing, she specializes in vocal improvisation, testing the emotional limits of the human voice. Anna-Kaisa has performed worldwide as a solo artist and with many notable groups of the Finnish new folk music scene, recorded several albums as well as produced music for film and theatre. She earned her doctorate from the Sibelius Academy Folk Music Department with a project exploring how far she would dare to go in her emotional expression, and she currently continues to work at the Department as senior lecturer of folk song.

Wendy on viola


Wendy Ultan is a violinist based in New York. Informed both by the classical avant-garde, free jazz, and various world music cultures, Wendy is a passionate performer who frequently employes electronics to expand the palette of her instrument. She has collaborated with names such as William Parker, Bern Nix, Elliot Sharp, Dj. Carnage, Valerie Naranjo, Alva Rogers, Charles Burnham, Rufus Cappodocia, Jemeel Moondoc, Ahmadou Ngom, and many others.


At the University of Minnesota Electronic Music Studio, November 2010

Erkki Huovinen is a multi-instrumentalist improvising musician, music researcher and philosopher of art currently working as a visiting professor at the University of Minnesota, School of Music. Besides appearing as a musician on various publications on Heartbreaker Productions, some of his recent work as a free improviser can be heard on a double CD recorded with Milo Fine (Nothing is Not de minimis [A Meeting of Multi-Instrumentalists], Insides music 84). Huovinen’s scholarly work has been published in various international journals including Philosophical Studies, British Journal of Aesthetics, Music Analysis, International Journal of Music Education, Culture and Dialogue, etc.

CD IceBreath