Instabilitrio at the Art of This gallery, Minneapolis, May 2010

Currie, Schneider, Huovinen

Instabilitrio is a free-jazz group consisting of saxophonists Edward Schneider (New York) and Scott Currie (Minneapolis), complemented by Erkki Huovinen (Minneapolis) on guitar and harmonica. Beginning by Schneider’s frequent visits at the free improvisation sessions hosted by Currie and Huovinen at the University of Minnesota in spring 2010, the three soon found themselves developing a music that seemed to revolve around a constant tension between stability and instability. In more concrete terms, the music is based on a fairly simple instrumentation idea: individual soloists are substituted by a constant interplay of two alto saxes, forming a kaleidoscopic “super instrument” against the stripped-down “rhythm section” of Huovinen’s guitar/organ pedal combination. By upsetting the familiar power relations among instrumental roles in free jazz, the band leaves more room for emergent streams of rhythmic, harmonic, and melodic activity, overlapping one another in a constantly shifting landscape of musical references and emotional shadings.

CD Oh God, Please Don’t Let Me Die in a Place Like This